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Investment Program

This program is our one of a kind real estate chauffeur service - where we hold your hand throughout an entire fix and flip. It's geared towards eager novice investors, as well as silent investors who are wanting an easy and hassle free way to capitalize on an investment.


We teach unexperienced investors how to invest in real estate without the tremendous weight on your shoulders; having to figure out the renovating process and successfully selling your investment for profit. Our blueprint could be used in any state and most countries around the world.

Our program is very straight forward and our systems in place will make the process very efficient for you to start earning profits. Our overall goal if for the investor to truly understand the flipping process, and to learn whats involved. 

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Our Process

To join you pay a consulting fee, and must sign a contract prior to beginning. You then will have access to our consulting for one full year or until the completed sale of your property, whichever comes first. 

As a part of the program you'll be provided with full access to our app, The SOW (Scope of Work). You’ll find the step by step process to review at anytime, zoom calls, weekly market updates, hard money lenders, etc.  This app will assist you through the program. We'll be walking you through the flipping process in completion. There are no power point presentations. In addition- you'll receive a property report, a purchase and rehab analysis, sales analysis and returns, and profit projections. You're provided with tools and resources to successfully flip for profit. You'll also have access to each and every project during the duration of your consulting. 

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What's the Catch?

There's no catch! You're able to make a calculated risk by ​investing through our program. We work hands on with you throughout the entire flip process using 5 simple steps- Financing, Buying, Renovating, Selling, Exit. 

The program includes how to purchase a property utilizing the hard money financing option, locating the property, buying and closing, locating contractors and renovating, selling and closing, etc. Our team will walk you through every step of the process. 

Once the renovation is complete we're also able to officially list your investment on the Georgia MLS service. We'll be able to properly market and gain the right amount of traffic needed to sell your investment for a 1% listing fee opposed to 3%, which is the common commission fee associated with most licensed real estate agents in the state of Georgia and Alabama.  

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Begin your journey towards Generational Wealth. 

Tell us about your project today!

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