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About Harris Estias Group

We offer consulting towards real estate investments, which include; buying real estate to live in, selling real estate for profit, locating buy & holds, locating buy & flips. 

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Our Process

We specialize in providing investment and financial advice to clients looking to buy, sell or invest in property. We work closely with investors throughout the process of buying and selling properties. Our primary responsibilities are to assist through the buying or selling process in order to help them meet your individual goals. 

Meet The Team

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Co-Owner, Real Estate Agent, Acquisitions Manager

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Co-Owner, Office Manager, Property Sales


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Our Quality Guarantee

During our first meeting, we discuss what your objectives are. Once the goals are established, we can begin to conduct the proper research to help achieve those goals in a timely and cost-effective way. Ultimately, our job is to be an unbiased expert opinion on whether a real estate investment or transaction is a solid financial decision. ​

Our team has strong analytical abilities, so we can effectively evaluate properties and investments for clients. Strong attention to detail is also necessary to manage all aspects of the consulting agreement. 


We're assured that our properties, and our client’s investments, are completely secure. Having a real estate consultant can be a useful addition to the services of a real estate agent. They can give their clients invaluable insight into the true value of a property, as well as the stability of the local real estate market. When a client uses just a real estate agent, they might be missing out on the complete picture of the development that a real estate consultant could provide. 

Begin your journey towards Generational Wealth.
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